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Helps relieve stress, anxiety and trauma

Take the test and find out which gemstone suits your dog best

Gemstones for dogs

Take the test and find out which gemstone suits your dog best


Helps relieve stress, anxiety and trauma

Take the test and find out which gemstone suits your dog best

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Choosing gemstones based on zodiac sign

Just like humans, dogs have a star sign and this says a lot about your faithful four-legged friend's behaviour. Want to find the ideal gemstone that perfectly matches your dog? Then read more about the constellation.

Dog constellations

Just like humans, dogs have a constellation. Read all about what the star sign says about your dog here.

Gemstones for dogs

Discover the powers and benefits of specially selected gemstones for your dog.

Noah is very dominant and often doesn't know how to indicate if a dog is coming into his space too much or is too intrusive. Since Noah has been wearing the gem I feel he is a lot happier. He also indicates his boundaries to other dogs much better now, by growling instead of lashing out immediately.
Yente is very insecure and quickly growls at strangers. Since wearing the gemstone, she growls a lot less and she even dares to investigate more! She is more self-assured and dares to stand up for herself better when she finds a dog a bit tense. The quality of the pendant is very good because after wearing it for a while, nothing has bent.
Lapis Lazuli
Millie really is my everything! She is from Aruba and is truly my greatest friend. Super loyal and also a sensitive little dog. I love the idea that she can carry a gemstone with her to support how she feels! Nala Exclusive has really created a beautiful design that is doggie proof!!! Not only very pretty for on your doggie's collar, but also very nice supportive.

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What can gemstones help your dog with?

Many dogs, like humans, experience stress and insecurity in everyday life. All these tensions create certain behavioural traits that are expressed differently in every dog. To relieve these tensions and insecurities, Nala Exclusive uses the power of gemstones.

Dogs are much more sensitive to the effects of gemstones than humans and therefore dogs can experience many benefits from wearing a gemstone.

Gemstones can help your dog with:
- Relieving anxiety, stress or trauma
- Gaining more self-confidence
- Driving out negative energies
- Managing anger or aggressiveness
- Breaking certain negative habits
- Calming and offering inner peace

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